How to Photograph the Night Sky

How to Photograph the Night Sky

Do you love gazing at the sky? Well, if you are a star lover like us here at StarkFeed it’s your lucky day. Today, we’re going to show you how to photograph the night sky. We know sometimes it can be difficult to get a picture of the night’s sky. Therefore, we have put together this awesome guide for you.

How to Photograph The Night Sky

Step 1:

Set your camera up on a tripod. The tripod keeps your camera still, which is crucial when photographing at night. Any movement of your camera will create a smudge of stars, rather than a crisp image.

Step 2:

You must have a manual camera for this, as nighttime photography requires making adjustments to the camera’s shutter speed or the amount of time the came lets light while capturing the image. Set the shutter speed around 30 seconds. This means the camera will be letting in light for thirty seconds, allowing it to capture a wide range of stars with little movement. If you let the shutter stay open for longer, you’ll capture movement in the stars and the image will be blurry.

Step 3:

Take a test photo. If the photo shows nothing, it means the ISO is too low. At night, start with an ISO of around 800 and work up from there. ISO, shutter speed and aperture all work together to determine the photo’s exposure. An underexposed photo will be too dark and overexposed photo will be too bright or washed out. When learning how to photograph the night sky it is crucial to properly set up your ISO settings.

Step 4:

If you want to take a photo of the stars moving around the sky, invest in an intervalometer, which allows you to take a series of photos at a regulated pace, like one photo every few seconds. Set the timer to shoot continuously for about an hour or more. You will then have to connect the photos using a program that lines them up: this is what reveals the motion.

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