Fiction Books 2018: Choosing What Works For You

Fiction Books 2018
Find the Fiction Books 2018 You Want To Read, With Stark Feed.


It’s that thing your dad makes you feel guilty about every time you try to recommend something on Netflix to him. 300-odd pages wedged between two paperback covers and thousands of words of stories, ready to be read.

You know you should be doing more of it. But it’s just so hard to decide just what you want to read, sometimes, isn’t it? Between the huge selection of books out there to all of your snobby book-reading friends recommending different titles, how to choose?

Fiction Books 2018
Find the Fiction Books 2018 that match your reading style, with Stark Feed.

Good thing you came to us, then, isn’t it?

Today, we bring you “Fiction Books 2018: Choosing What Works For You”. Ready for some serious reading? Good – let’s get started!

Be Honest About What Makes You Happy

As we grow old as adults, it becomes harder to just open up about the stupid things that make us happy. Little kids will tell you at the drop of a hat.

“Dinosaurs are awesome!”

“Give me some Wiggles music!”


This is an important part of finding the books that work for you – because ultimately reading is hedonistic. It’s about what tickles your fancy, and you really don’t owe anybody any explanations when you read it.

What are your favorite hobbies? Do you spend a lot of time looking at pictures of cute dogs? Do stories about horror and monsters intrigue you.

No wrong answers, here. Just answer the question and you’ll see a path from where you are to what you want to read.

Fact or Fiction

A simple choice that can ease you into reading is making a decision  to read fiction or nonfiction.

Of course, this doesn’t have to dictate everything you read (it would be a sad world if everybody only read one thing ever). But this does tend to focus readers on their options. Where you may have thought “Oh my God, there’s a million books out there I haven’t read” before, now there’s only half that.

Fiction books satiate that need for imagination, fun, and suspension of disbelief. Nonfiction books teach us about the world around us. Both can make for great reading.

And yes, we know this article is “Fiction Books 2018: Choosing What Works For You”, but we’re not here to limit you. Read what you like, otherwise what motivation do you have to keep doing it?

Phone A Friend

Of course, one of the best classic methods of getting on top of anything you haven’t tried yet is to ask a friend for their suggestions. We tend to surround ourselves with people who have similar interests to us. This makes your closest friends invaluable assets for choosing a book, provided they read.

And, if they don’t, reaching out to a family member can yield great results, as well. Just remember that reading isn’t “just for readers”. Anybody can have a good time with a great book, and someone you like well enough is likely to enjoy at least one good book as well.

And there you have it – three steps to taking the sting out of choosing your next great read. Happy adventuring, wherever “Fiction Books 2018: Choosing What Works For You” may take you – and thanks for reading!

Duncan Reyneke has written two novels: Bay City Monsters and Nails in the Sky. Full of sex, monsters, fistfights, and weirdness, they are his proudest creations to date. If you’re looking for something way out of the ordinary, order yours today!

And, for more on how to choose a fiction book to read, check out this other awesome article.


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