History of a Diamonds

Diamonds - Diamond Jewelry

Discovered in India

The first diamonds were found 3,000 years ago in India. Where it is probable that diamonds were first valued for their ability to refract light. It was either used for decorative purposes or as a talisman.

300 BC Alexander the Great brought first Diamonds to Europe

Diamonds were also known in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire where it was believed diamonds could have been splinters from falling stars.

500 – 1500 AD Gems from Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, diamonds were more known for its worth and due to the raised public awareness, mine owners started myths that diamonds were poisonous in order to keep workers from stealing them by swallowing.

KOH-I-NOOR and THE BLUE HOPE are the most well known Gems from middle ages.

900-1000 AD Gems from Dark Ages

In the Dark Ages, the diamond often used as a medical aid. Diamonds were ingested with the hopes that the afflicted would be cured of their ailment. Pope Clement tried his method but was unsuccessful.

First used as a Jewelry

One of the first examples of diamond jewelry was when Hungarian queen’s crown was created. 1150’s The Briolette of India is a legendary jewel of 90.38 carats. However, It is believed to have been brought to England by Eleanor of Aquitaine. 

In 1375 the pointcut was developed which follows the natural shape of a raw diamond. However, it reduces waste in the cutting process. In 382 Queen Anne of Bohemia purchased a circlet crown that was set with a large sapphire, a balas, and four large pearls with a gem in the center.

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