Stalker Hid In Channing Tatum’s House For Days

Channing Tatum's House

Channing Tatum recently had to deal with an obsessed fan.

That isn’t too surprising to hear, but it definitely took a turn into “Scarylan.” Authorities arrived at his house after it was discovered that his “fan” (aka stalker) had been hiding in his home for 10 days.

Making herself at home!

The woman, who’s now been identified as “Chantal,” was arrested on June 24 after allegedly breaking into Channing’s home and hanging out there for 10 days.

So. Crazy.

According to the report, Jenna Dewan’s assistant discovered Chantal in the vacant home, which is under construction, resulting in Chanta’s arrest. Jenna’s assistant called the cops before Channing’s assistant arrived.

What would you do if you found out where Channing Tatum lived?

What’s crazy is that Chantal told authorities that she was living in the Hollywood star’s house” in exchange for cleaning services.”

But wait, There’s More!

This isn’t the first time Chantal has been at Channing’s home. Bac in November 2018, Chantal allegedly paid a visit to Channing’s house not once but twice, returning with a letter for the single dad.

“The conduct of Respondent is very alarming to me, and also very annoying,” Channing stated in court documents, according to the E! News reports.

As a result of all the madness, Channing Tatum filed a restraining order against his stalker and was granted legal protection.

As terrifying as this situation was, thank goodness no one was hurt and that Channing wasn’t home, said Jenna Dewan. Given the recent restraining order granted to this Hollywood dad and his family, something tells us this is far from over.

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