YouTube Gave Special Treatment To Certain YouTubers


StarkFeed — YouTube reportedly gave preferential treatment to some of its top creators, even when those creators’ behavior was less than tops. Eleven former and current YouTube moderators told Washington Post this morning that the company had a double standard for certain YouTubers.

It should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention, but the double standard mainly applied to the controversial but famous YouTubers who pull in big ad revenue — creators like Logan Paul, Steven Crowder, and PewDiePie. These three video stars are infamous for their antics, and have all faced calls for their videos to be taken down.

“When I started this job, I thought, I’m going to help get bad content away from kids,” one former moderator told the Post. “Our responsibility was never to the creators or to the users — it was to the advertisers.” YouTube denied all the claims, the Post reports, “saying it enforces rules equally and tries to draw the line in the right places.”

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