Celebrity Jobs Before They Were Famous


According to the U.S Census in 2014, hourly workers made up 56.7 percent of the United States workforce. Within those numbers, there are people trying to make their dreams of becoming a celebrity in movies, on a concert stage or in a TV show a reality. We all hope for success the minute we wake up but, as we all know, success takes hard work and motivation to reach the next level.

Celebrities are constantly in the spotlight for their successful roles in movies and television shows, but what most of us don’t know is their background or what they did to make ends meet before they reached stardom.

We got a little peak of the jobs celebrities held before they reached fame when the trending #FirstSevenJobs appeared on Twitter. For example, the astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, washed dishes before he ever considered walking on the moon.

The Celebrity Starter Jobs

these celebrities all held hourly jobs that required dealing with staff rotas, managers, and working odd hours. Eventually, these celebrities said goodbye to the hourly workforce and headed for the sets of popular TV shows, movie sets and concert halls. We hope that these celebrities inspire you to keep pursuing your goals since they were just like you at some point.

Michelle Pfeiffer

While Michelle worked as a cashier at a supermarket that she realized she wanted to get into acting.

Rod Stewart

He held various hobs including silk screen printer and grave digger. he also tried out for the Brentford F.C. football club, but never signed a contract.


While the future pop star celebrity was growing up, her mom Tina owned a salon, so the aspiring singer picked up extra cash sweeping hair.

Ashton Kutcher

Before Ashton dropped out of college to pursue his modeling career, he swept cereal dust at a general Mills factory to help with his living expenses. he also sold plasma for extra cash.

Kanye West


During his high school days, future celebrity Kanye West folded clothes at the Gap. in his song, “Spaceship”, he mentions working at Gap.

George Clooney


After Dropping out of school, George held many odd jobs including being a show salesman and working as a tobacco farm hand before moving to LA.

Jennifer Anniston


Before we knew her as Jennifer as Rachel on “Friends”, she worked as a telemarketer. Other jobs the future celebrity had were being a waitress and a bike messenger.

Tyler The Creator


Tyler worked at Starbucks for two and a half years, and also spent a week and four days at FedEx.

Hugh Jackman


Hugh used to teach physical education at a school in England before becoming a celebrity.

Meagan Fox


Meagan worked for a smoothie shop in Florida and had to wear a full-on banana costume before becoming a celebrity.