Caps Capozzoli: A Release Rollout Bombshell

Caps Capozzoli

When it comes to Florida rappers, it’s harder to compete the further South you go.

And Caps Cappozoli is as hard to compete with as they come.

This Broward-born rapper and local businessman has been burning through lyrics since a near-death experience in 2015, and we are excited to bring you news from the next step in his career.

But let’s let the man himself describe it.

“I’ve partnered up with Louisville (producer of Despacito fame) to release a series of songs and music videos over the course of the next month. We’re going to be putting out some great stuff, I’m really excited for it.”

A Short History Lesson

Capozzoli, who suffered a near-fatal drug overdose in 2015, turned his focus towards rap, after years spent in and out of trouble for drugs.

Having moved to Daytona to “take a break” from his hectic lifestyle in South Florida, he first made great strides in local business, owning and operating his own tree felling companies. “Yeah,” he says, with a wry smile. “All those local tree guys, now? I started that. We’re all friends, but I was there at the beginning, before anybody else.”

Immediately following his 2015 accident, Capozzoli was left paralyzed from the waist down and fearful he might never walk again. Months of intense physical therapy worked magic on his legs and spine, however, and he was eventually able to regain full use of his legs, albeit with a limp.

During the last three years, Cap$, who had previously spent all of his spare time honing his rap abilities, decided to make the jump from music enthusiast to music maker. The results have been impressive, to say the least.

And Into The Future

Which is why it’s as exciting for us to announce his 2018 releases as it is for him to be releasing them (okay, maybe not quite as much as for him, but still a lot!).

Though he hasn’t announced an official release date for his new material, the upcoming weeks are going to be a busy time for Cap$ fans, so make sure to check in for banging hip-hop in the month of May.


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