Beauty and the Beast Got Their Character Wrong

Beauty and the Beast

Like the most live-action Disney remakes, Beauty and the Beast adhere faithfully to its animated source material. Girl meets the beast. The pair, surrounded by talking trinkets, fall in love. But where the similarities become too much is in the Beast’s appearance.

With this movie, Disney pulled off an impressive feat: No matter how odd Dan Stevens’s motion-captured Beast looks, you’re still rooting for this romance. The Beast doesn’t even look as bad. Before Emma Watson’s Belle even starts to fall in love with him, the appearance he made happens between a Leonberger and buffalo — according to the fans it wasn’t that great, but for sure doable!

And it’s precisely at this moment — just when you’re adjusting to life as a human person who’d swipe right on a cartoon Beast — that he’s snatched from us. As the movie comes to an end, the spell is broken with proof that he can love and be loved in return, the Beast is magically returned to the human race, And honestly, it would be better if this twist ending never happened.

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