A$AP Rocky Found Guilty In Sweden Assault Case

ASAP Rock Found Guilty yhd

The rapper and his co-defendants have been given a suspended sentence after being found guilty for their role in a street fight in Stockholm on June 30. Per on-site reporter Maddy Savage, he will also be required to pay damages to the victim. The determined damages to be paid come out to SEK 12,500 (approximately $1,303).

According to the reports, Rocky won’t be serving any prison time in an assault case. ‘The assault has not been of such a serious nature that a prison sentence must be chosen,’ the Swedish court said in a statement, per the BBC. Rocky, along with his friends who were also found guilty in the fight, was handed a two-year suspended sentence rather than prison time. If he avoids committing crimes over the next two years, he’ll avoid going to prison.

The alleged use of a bottle during the encounter, a key facet of the case throughout the trial – was reported Wednesday to once again be a crucial component of the latest legal moves against Rocky. Per reporter Alex Marshall, the fact that the prosecutor wasn’t able to prove such an item was used during the encounter with the assault accuser is why Rocky ultimately landed a sentence of this nature. Footage of the fight showed Rocky holding a bottle, and the prosecution claimed he used it to assail victim Mustafa Jafari.

Slobodan Jovicic, who represented the rapper in the Swedish assault case, told the New York Time’ that he was uncertain if ASAP Rocky will fight for an appeal. ‘The question is whether he’ll have the energy and stamina to do this one more time given all the circus around it,’ he told the paper. Rocky and his friends spent over a month in jail during their pre-trial detention period.