Federal Agents Dropped Some Hot Documents In 6ix9ine Case

6ix9ine case

In the filing, prosecutors reference a range of violent activity that alleged members of the Nine Trey gang, 6ix9ine among them, have taken part in. One of them is an attack on ‘rival rapper’ who was punched in the face by associates of 6ix9ine in the lobby of a New York City hotel in November 2017. While Trippie isn’t mentioned by name, dates and other details around the event match his claims about getting jumped at a hotel by his rainbow-haired foe in 2017. The government says it expects 6ix9ine to testify about planning the attack.

According to the court documents, 6ix9ine’s crew shot at another rapper. The documents also references a shooting allegedly carried out by 6ix9ine and members of his crew in Times Square in March 2018. According to prosecutors, 6ix9ine’s former manager Kifano ‘Shotti’ Jordan, who was arrested along with the rapper on RICO charges in November 2018, fired five shots into the van of another artist who didn’t get approval to have New York Bloods provide protection for him. According to prosecutors, 6ix9ine will testify about this and other shootings.

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Of the many violent acts 6ix9ine and his crew are accused of is the April 3 robbery at gunpoint of a ‘rival’ rap artist and gang member’ in midtown Manhattan. According to prosecutors, proceeds from the robbery were later recovered in the residence of ‘CW-2.’ Again, the government does not in the filing reference 6ix9ine by name, but dates and other identifying details between witness CW-2 and the rapper match exactly.

6ix9ine alleged to have requested chief keef shooting. Prosecutors have extensively broken down the rapper’s alleged role in the June 2018 shooting Targeting Keef, with whom he was publicly feuding. The event, said to have been carried out by 6ix9ine associate Kintea ‘Kooda B’ McKenzie, is again mentioned in the government’s 41-page document about Nine Trey and 6ix9ine filed ahead of the scheduled September trail. This is one of many violent events the federal agents say 6ix9ine will give testimony on.

The government says that the rapper had a conversation with his former manager, Shotti, in July 2018 about paying $50,000 to anyone willing to kill Anthony ‘Harv’ Elisson, a co-defendant in the case who stands accused of kidnapping 6ix9ine that month. Feds say that Shotti told 6ix9ine he made Nine Trey look weak by getting robbed and put him in the position of having to commit murder in retaliation.

6ix9ine is expected to testify that he talked to Shotti about a request the former made of another Nine Trey member to shoot his alleged kidnapper. According to the court documents, the shooting was planned both in retaliation for Ellison robbing and kidnapping 6ix9ine and due to ‘an internal power struggle’ within the gang. The shooting was carried out, according to the feds, resulting in one of Ellison’s friends being paralyzed.

In its description of the Nine Trey criminal enterprise and its alleged members, the givernment says the rapper was eager to give money to fellow members. Prosecutors say that 6ix9ine will testify that he paid thousands of dollars to Shotti to be distributed to incarcerated members of the gang.

The rapper has not been depicted by the government as a longtime member of the gang, having only been down with them since September 2017/ Per the expansive court document on their activities, wiretapped conversations have gang members discussing that they inducted 6ix9ine into Nine Trey so that he could make money for them.

According to the prosecutors, the July 2018 kidnapping and robbing of the rapper was captured on a camera in a vehicle driven by one of the witnesses in the case. Quoted conversations from the video have 6ix9ine offering to giving up everything to Ellison, who stands accused of kidnapping him. ‘Harv, I’ve put money in your pocket bro,’ the rapper is quoted as saying, ‘I’m scared.”

Further description of the robbery of 6ix9ine by the feds has him escaping his captor and heading immediately to a police precinct. There, prosecutors say , the rapper repeatedly said that he didn’t think he was going to see his daughter again and that he thought he was going to be murdered. Intake officers believed 6ix9ine suffered a concussion during the robbery.

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The government says that the rapper will testify in the upcoming trail that he met several of his co-defendants in the Nine Trey RICO case during the shoot for his music video ‘Gummo‘ in September 2017. 6ix9ine is also expected to tell the court that the visual was shot in front of a building he believed to be the gang’s headquarters.

Federal agents claim that 6ix9ine rapped about gang activity. They’re pointing the lyrics from his song ‘Kooda’ that they say reference the shootout with one-time rival rapper Casanova at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn in April 2018. The lyrics, the rapper is expected to explain, meant that others would merely talk about committing violence. while he and Nine Trey ‘would actually commit acts of violence.’

The government expects the rapper to also testify about his track ‘Billy‘ and parts of it that were intended as a response to those who doubted his gang membership. Prosecutors say Shotti’s intro on the song contains direct references to the protocols of the Nine Trey Gang. As a criminal enterprise.