Just Go Live

Juѕt GO Live IOS & Android – Video Live Commenting !!

Just GO Livе: It’ѕ nеw аnd it’ѕ hоt. If уоu are nоt on it, уоu аrе miѕѕing оut оn intеrnаtiоnаl recognition. So whаt iѕ Just GO Livе? This iѕ a livе...
Delivery by Drones

Concern “Kalashnikov” Launches Cargo Delivery by Drones

Delivery by Drones: The concern does not plan to limit itself to delivery alone, intending to include in the list of services the protection of facilities, surveillance of...
Vine 2 official release date

When Is The Official Vine 2 Realse Date?

Vine was developed by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll in June 2012. Vines were short looping videos that have inspired, entertained, and given rise to a...
upgrade to the iphone xs

Top Five Reasons To Upgrade To The Iphone Xs

Apple has done it again and shook the cell phone market with their most recent announcement of three new iPhones, one week ago. With the iPhone x still...
Clipman Review

ClipMan Review | Create Instant Videos From Just a LINK

Want to add more video to your marketing mix? Or have you considered broadening your traffic & reach with video? We’ve all learned that video creation isn’t easy or fast…  you’ve got to...

Using Nanorobots To Shrink Tumors

In medical technology, there is no bigger target than being able to shrink or eliminate cancerous tumors. In 2018, it’s estimated that 609,640 people will die from...
Forensic Science

Technological Wonders: Forensic Science

Crime has always plagued human existence since before laws were created. It’s a fact as immutable as the fact that a clown’s face will always be purposefully...
broad core

Google released a broad core search algorithm on March 12

A rare Google confirmation came related to a Google search algorithm update this week. Google states that there is no way fix your site if...
2018 tesla model s

Everything about 2018 Tesla Model S

Gorgeous and brilliant styling, extremely quick acceleration and an remarkable driving range have made the all-electric Tesla Model S one of the most talked about vehicles in...
apple products with bitcoins

How to Buy Apple Products with Bitcoins

The Apple keynote presentation is an event that all Apple geeks look forward to. In this event, a ton of announcements are made regarding Apple’s new products that are...

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