Delivery by Drones

Concern “Kalashnikov” Launches Cargo Delivery by Drones

Delivery by Drones: The concern does not plan to limit itself to delivery alone, intending to include in the list of services the protection of facilities, surveillance of...

Planer Perlan Set a New Height Record

Funded by aerospace concern Airbus, Perlan, develops gliders designed for flights to the space border. The other day, developers reported on the new successful tests glider plan a...

Robots Atlas and SpotMini on a Walk

Every time the company Boston Dynamics publishes another video, we note how much more natural is the behavior of their robots. Here and now on YouTube appeared a...

Boston Dynamics Will Start Selling Robotic Dogs Next Year

At the TechCrunch event dedicated to robotics, the founder of Boston Dynamics Mark Raybert announced on Friday that his robot dog SpotMini is already in the “pre-production...
dental sensors

Dental Sensors and Intraoral Cameras

Regardless of how far modern dentistry has come, today’s dentists still deal with a problem as old as the industry itself: the human mouth is a tricky...
Clipman Review

ClipMan Review | Create Instant Videos From Just a LINK

Want to add more video to your marketing mix? Or have you considered broadening your traffic & reach with video? We’ve all learned that video creation isn’t easy or fast…  you’ve got to...
camera hacking

Top 10 Ways To Avoid Camera Hacking

With the advent of the external webcam (a camera that attaches to a computer via USB), the tech world has graced us with tons of products with built-in...
Orthodontic Imaging Handheld Dental X Ray

Orthodontic Imaging Solutions: Handheld Dental X Ray Systems

The orthodontic imaging industry is extremely important to dentistry. Without accurate representations of a patient's teeth, a dentist is less able to make a proper diagnosis. And, obviously,...
Object-Oriented Programming

4 Main Object-Oriented Programming Principles

What is an object-oriented programming language? An object-oriented programming language us a type of coding language where programmers not only define the data type of a structure,...
watches for small wrists

Where To Find Watches For Small Wrists

Everyone knows an outfit is never truly complete without a watch. Most wear them with pride, but there are some who have a harder time finding a...

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