Handheld DENTAL X Ray

The Benefits Of Handheld DENTAL X Ray Equipment

Handheld DENTAL X Ray units have transformed the way dentists' offices work. With increased maneuverability, instantaneous imaging, and easy operation, medical professionals use portable tech to great...
handheld x ray

Handheld X Ray Safety Precautions

X ray equipment and its associated health risks have always been a hot topic for conversation. Even with minimized radiation, patients are often concerned about how it...
Dental Xray Equipment

Dental Xray Equipment: The Benefits

A standard dental checkup often ends with the dentist taking x rays of your mouth. This helps them decide which procedures you'll need and how and where...

Irresistible Video Ads That Turbo-Charge Your Sales

Introducing your NEW sales generation secret weapon. Irresistible Video Ads That Turbo-Charge Your Sales, Customers & Profits In Less, Than 60 Seconds. One Software 100X The Results Clipman 2.0 is...
Aviation Technologies

5 Technologies That Can Change Aviation

Last week in Singapore, the largest Asian airshow, some leading experts shared their vision of the prospects for the development of world aviation. Airplanes printed on a 3D...
internet data

Set a Record in The Speed of Internet Data Transfer

Researchers at London University College set a world record in the transmission of Internet data – 1,125 terabits per second, which is 50,000 times faster than in...
extraterrestrial intelligence

Can Artificial Intelligence Find an Alien?

In search of extraterrestrial intelligence, we often look for signs of intelligence, technology and communications, similar to our own. But, as astronomer Jill Tarter observes, such an approach...
Delivery by Drones

Concern “Kalashnikov” Launches Cargo Delivery by Drones

Delivery by Drones: The concern does not plan to limit itself to delivery alone, intending to include in the list of services the protection of facilities, surveillance of...

Planer Perlan Set a New Height Record

Funded by aerospace concern Airbus, Perlan, develops gliders designed for flights to the space border. The other day, developers reported on the new successful tests glider plan a...

Robots Atlas and SpotMini on a Walk

Every time the company Boston Dynamics publishes another video, we note how much more natural is the behavior of their robots. Here and now on YouTube appeared a...

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