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lebron james

LeBron James Will Win Championship With Lakers, Says John Salley

EXCLUSIVE Plan the parade ... with LeBron James in L.A., the Lakers are takin' down the Warriors and winning a ring ... so says 4x NBA champ, John Salley. Salley...
Gold Digger Prank Vs Cash Digger Prank

Supercar Gold Digger Prank Vs Cash Digger Prank!

Gold Digger Prank Vs Cash Digger Prank: The best Gold Digger compilations brought to you by the creator of very first "Savage Gold Digger Pranks" ~ YouTube...
How to Photograph the Night Sky

How to Photograph the Night Sky

Do you love gazing at the sky? Well, if you are a star lover like us here at StarkFeed it's your lucky day. Today, we're going to...
Best Superhero Movies

Top 14 Best Superhero Movies of All Time

it's time once again to narrow down the best comic book-based superhero movies of all time. So let's dig into brainwashed super-soldiers, foul-mouthed invulnerable vigilantes, several Batmen,...
watch any movie for FREE

How to watch any movie for FREE

Do you like watching movies? We do too. Today we're gonna teach you how you can watch any movie for FREE. Even the ones in the movies...
michael cohen

Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Gets ‘Rat’ Warning and Support on NYC Streets

NYers Show Support, but Also Warn ... 'Don't Be a Rat!!!' Michael Cohen's getting it from both sides as New Yorkers give him an earful over potentially flipping on President...
Jess Carbino

A Sociologist From Tinder and Bumble on What Makes People Attractive

Dr. Jess Carbino worked in the popular dating service Tinder. Now it works in a different service called Bumble. She constantly studies people who want to get acquainted and...
Who does thanos fear

Top Five Marvel Superheroes Who Can Obliterate Thanos With Ease

With the debut of Marvels newest major villain to take to the big screen it is hard to imagine the Mad Titan fearing anyone with his portrayed...
Top 10 Extremely Scary Pranks

Top 10 Extremely Scary Pranks Scare Prank Compilation!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVAwao9GVHs&feature=youtu.be   Pranks Remastered is doing a brand New GIVEAWAY Top 10 Extremely Scary Pranks video contains a Giveaway. Pranks Remastered is doing a brand New GIVEAWAY. Which consists of...
zay hilfiger

‘Juju On That Beat’ Rapper Zay Hilfigerrr Hit with Restraining Order by Ex-Girlfriend

EXCLUSIVE "Juju On That Beat" rapper Zay Hilfiger has been ordered to stay away from his ex-girlfriend, who claims he physically abused her multiple times ... TMZ has...

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