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Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing a New Operating System for Marketing

CMG works with smart marketers to apply Agile Marketing practices to conquer their most painful challenges and keep their performance moving up and to the right. Plan How do...
Nuclear Armageddon

Nuclear Armageddon: 7 Times Technology Almost Destroyed The World

Humans love technology. We can't resist inventing crazy new things every day. But sometimes technology can be bad as well. Here are 7 times technology almost destroyed...
How to Stay Focused

20 Simple Tricks to Help You Keep Focused While at Work

Everyone wants to be focused when they work. No one enjoys being distracted and unproductive. Therefore we have put together 20 simple tricks to help you keep...
Visible light

Visible light in the Universe

Light is energy that can take on many forms. Such as radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-ray and gamma radiation are all different forms of light. Radio...
Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland – 10 reasons to Visit Iceland

Reykjavik's greater area population of 200,000 is about 60% if the total population of Iceland. Reykjavik is also the world's northernmost capital city. Reykjavik For Sun Lovers and Haters Winters...
Maximum Productivity

Maximum Productivity – Make Each Day as Productive as Possible

We all want to be productive if our goals are to be successful in life. How do we get there though? How can we reach our maximum...
Productivity Apps

Productivity Apps That Will Turn You Into a Timelord

Technology is a big part of our everyday life. At a lot of times throughout the day, we're too busy to find time for other things. Today, we're...
Fusion Energy

Fusion Energy: Powering The Future

Fusion energy is what powers the Sun and all the stars in the universe. Reproducing it on Earth, even on a small scale, would mean a clean,...
twitter engagement

Twitter Engagement: Tips On What You Should Do

Twitter can be difficult to get your head around, it's such a fast-moving platform and it really helps to have some tips & tricks to help make...
9 Things Great Leaders Say Every Day at Work

9 Things Great Leaders Say Every Day at Work

Start every day at work planning to say each of these things to at least one person, and watch the result: 1 "This is the Situation." People want to...

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