Instagram Likes count Removal The Truth And Purpose Behind It

why is instagram removing likes
what is the purpose behind instagram likes removal

I’m sure you all heard about the new Instagram update, but in case you didn’t; Instagram is removing likes! No one but the account holder can know who liked their picture. Yes! Not Joking! since apparently, social media is the one to blame for the increase in depression among population! But how are they going to fill this gap? People live for that approval! It’s like a drug they crave! Many people will not know what to like anymore!

My prediction is that they will replace likes with views, through research and analysis, I was able to figure out this growth strategy where you should post videos over pictures on Instagram for better reach results.

Why is Instagram Removing Likes?

You might think Instagram actually cares about the well being of the population, but you are wrong. Why are they doing this? well, you guessed it! Money! Think about it, if you like someone’s picture the likes will be there and your name can be found under the liked picture and everyone can see what you liked, meaning sometimes you might pass through a post that you really liked but at the same time you didn’t want people to see that you liked it, so you either save it or send it in a private message. Which means that people on Instagram are still behaving one way or another in a form of social etiquette.

But how is that bad for Instagram?

Well, Facebook is the parent company for Instagram, which is all about likes! In the past Facebook allowed you to like anything you wanted bands, groups, games, music, artists, and anything you can think of and we all did it like no tomorrow! In a sense we all wanted to know what we all had in common with each other.

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We behaved in careless ways, there was no etiquette until later! when people realized that everything they liked started appearing everywhere online they slowed down at least the ones who realized what is going on.

Meaning that Facebook has enough data to market anything to any user individually in ways that are psychologically hard to resist! Which made Facebook and Instagram the biggest advertising platforms to ever exist! not a social media platform but a marketing one. So if Instagram removes the likes people will start to behave the way they used to. So now when you like a picture, only 3 people know who liked who’s picture:

  1. You
  2. The person whom picture you liked
  3. Instagram database!

Instagram wants people to behave and like more freely, without being worrying about judgment by others! So they can get to know us even better so they can identify what we like better and use it for their own good.