What Jobs Actually Use The Quadratic Formula?

jobs that use the quadratic formula

You’re sitting in your math class and your teacher writes a series of numbers letters and symbols on the board, your teacher says, “Today we will be learning about the quadratic formula.”

As you sit in your chair with your notebook open, you begin to think to yourself… “There is no chance I will ever need to use this quadratic formula. Teacher, this is an incredible waste of my time, so thanks for nothing.”

The fact of the matter is there are a few professions that will find the quadratic formula useful, high paying ones to.

Here are a few jobs that will find the quadratic formula useful:

First, let’s break down when the quadratic formula will be used and what for.

The Quadratic Formula is effectively used for describing the motion of flying objects.

The Military & Police

jobs that use the quadratic formula

The military is the #1 job that will utilize this equation. If you plan to enlist and work with artillery tanks then you will regularly use the quadratic formula to predict where the projected shells will end up landing. Moreover, the police use this formula to determine bullet trajectories along with determining the speeds of cars that are tied to mobile accidents.


jobs that use the quadratic formula

When designing curved pieces of equipment like mobile parts. Auto Engineers use this formula regularly to make the proper measurements. Aerospace engineers will find this formula useful as well, designing space and aeronautical crafts. Moreover, The quadratic formula finds its usefulness in the field of audio engineers as well, used to create sound systems that offer the best possible quality of sound.


jobs that use the quadratic formula

Science, being the data-driven career path that it is, astronomers, for instance, will use this equation to describe terrestrial and extraterrestrial bodies path of revolution. Chemists will find this equation useful when understanding a chemical reaction.

Financial Jobs

jobs that use the quadratic formula

Human resource jobs utilize the quadratic formula to figure out how to mold and pay for pension plans. Since insurance plans are based on quadratic related models, an insurance agent will also be glad he sat through 7th-grade math.

Agricultural Career Fields

jobs that use the quadratic formula

Farmers will tend to use this formula to effectively calculate the are of land that is able to be used under what resources are available at hand.


The Quadratic Formula:

jobs that use the quadratic formula

The first form of the quadratic equation was made and can be accredited to the Indian mathematician Brahmagupta

In his own words, he described this assembly of numbers and symbols, “To the absolute number multiplied by four times the [coefficient of the] square, add the square of the [coefficient of the] middle term; the square root of the same, less the [coefficient of the] middle term, being divided by twice the [coefficient of the] square is the value.” – Brahmagupta

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