TuSimple Is Delevaring UPS Products Using What

TuSimple and UPS Autonomous Delivary
TuSimple and UPS Autonomous Delivary

Autonomous cars are the future of driving, but what if I told you that the future is now here! The new company TuSimple is now fully operational in the state of Arizona; it’s been delivering mail for weeks now.

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The major delivery company UPS wants to be the first to deliver products thorough driverless trucks. By making the decision to join forces with the new amazing self-driving truck TuSimple. In an announcement revealing that since may 2019 UPS is Using these trucks to ship products over 115 miles rout; between the station in Phoenix and Tucson.

This is big news because it is the first time UPS announces this new milestone; into the future of self-driving cars and delivery; UPS is not the only one collaborating with this aowsem delivery service TuSimple; the USPS which is the (Unites States Postal Service) is also planning 1,000 miles trip between Phoenix and Tucson.

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This new movement is going to make life much simpler, safer and also cheaper; where it will cut costs nearly by 30%. The TuSimple truck is fully capable of driving it-self due to the nine camera technology embedded in it; with the help of the new technology sensor LIDAR. But it is still in the early stages of research and development; and at the moment it is operated by engineer and a safety driver; riding along the trip to ensure safety and collect data that will take TuSimple to the new level.