Top Digital Marketing Agency in Volusia County


When it comes to digital marketing for your local business, you want to make sure your business in is in hands of a top digital marketing agency in Volusia County. Who is the top digital marketing agency in Volusia County and what makes them stand out from other marketing agencies? We’re going to be taking an in-depth look at a top digital marketing agency in Volusia County.

Let’s take the look at these two agencies A7 Advertising and Web Daytona that stand out from most due to their ratings, rankings, clients and delivery.

A7 Advertising Vs Web Daytona

When it comes to comparing ratings between A7 Advertising and Web Daytona, you can see A7 Advertising lacks online ratings where Web Daytona has ratings all over the internet. If you were to Google “A7 Advertising”, for instance, you would find it is very difficult to find them anywhere. They don’t have high rankings on Google, whatsoever. When you Google “Web Daytona”, however, you will instantly see them on Google Maps. They are also ranked on top of the 1st page of Google.

When it comes to A7 Advertising, their Google review is 4 stars and there is only one review – it’s very surprising to see this, due to their huge client base. Now, when it comes to Web Daytona, there are 33 Google reviews, all with 5-star ratings. As you scroll around Web Daytona’s Google Business page, it also shows their Facebook reviews, which is at a 4.9-star ratings from 94 satisfied clients.

A7 Advertising’s online presence might not be good but their client base is huge. Starting from working with Nascar, Daytona 500, Embry-riddle Aeronautical University all the way to NASA. On the other hand Web Daytona’s client base is mostly local businesses even though they work with businesses all over the United States. Web Daytona has a large local client base that ranges from tree companies, doctor offices, roofing companies, fitness centers, hotels and resorts, and much more. Web Daytona mostly focuses on local businesses as they help local businesses not only grow but to dominate their competition.

Reason Web Daytona is Top Digital Marketing Agency in Volusia County

Web Daytona is a top digital marketing agency in Volusia County because of delivery. Web Daytona team never fails to meet clients goals according to 135 reviews from clients.

Let’s take a look at the SEO Case study.

Before Web Daytona SEO

Top Digital Marketing Agency in Volusia County

After Web Daytona SEO

Web Daytona SEO

As you can see in this first case study, Web Daytona ranks #1 on Google for Orlando Digital Marketing Agency. Reason for that is these guys know what they are doing and that’s a fact.

Still not a believer? Let’s take a look at another case study. This following case study is Web Daytona’s recent client Rooms 101. What Web Daytona has done for them will blow your mind.

Rooms 101 Case Study by Web Daytona

If you take a look at the following screenshot you can see that Rooms101 was ranking for 3,283 keywords organically. After Rooms101 approached Web Daytona for assistance, Web Daytona made something incredible happen.

Before Web Daytona SEO

Rooms 101 Web Daytona SEO

After Web Daytona SEO

After Web Daytona SEO

As you can see RESULTS are insane. Just in one month, Web Daytona was able to rank 1,930 keywords. This is just in one month imagine six or twelve months period — UNIMAGINABLE.

We can clearly see now why Web Daytona is a top digital marketing agency in Volusia County it is because of delivery. When Web Daytona makes a promise they deliver. Every review that’s been left under Web Daytona it is because of quality work.

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