2019 Instagram Trends, Authenticity, Influencers and more

2019 Instagram Trends
Instagram Trends for 2019

Considering Instagram massive growth as a social media network, 2019 brings on new differences in the algorithm. In order to stay relevant; you need to keep up with the Instagram trends the new years brings on; to keep engagements at the highest rates.

What Are The New Engagement Trends for 2019 Instagram?

The new Instagram’s algorithm is prioritizing personal oriented content over the usual feed; considering that it generates more impressions. Therefore the use of stories is essential to boost your engagements; with nearly over than 400 million active Instagram stories users per day. Hence Instagram stories are not something you should neglect. Utilizing these new features like countdown stickers, questions, poll, and custom made stickers; can help you become closer to your audience and understand exactly what they like. At the same time involving them in your growth process.

Why Is Authenticity trending?

Sorry ladies but your excessive use of Photoshop, scenic views, filters, and your perfect body is now in the past. So whats the Instagram trend now? Instagram users are now seeking genuine experiences and relationship with influencers and models. Authentic influencers of Instagram are generating more engagement and higher ad-generated revenue; keep in mind that the future of marketing is in the influencers hands. By 2020 the expected global spending on influencer advertising will reach an all-time high of more than $13 billion.

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Why are Small Influencers Making More Money due to the 2019 instagram trends

Heres another heart break! Just because you have a lot of followers doesn’t mean that its better. Many influencers have 250k followers; yet they only get 2000 likes and 10 comments; and some have 20k followers and get 50k likes and hundreds of comments. Obviously, the person with 20k followers is worth more! Micro and nano influencers who engage and build a connection with their followers; have more authenticity and influence hence they are getting more offers for their accounts.

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What New 2019 Instagram Trends Should I Excpect?

After the founders of Instagram left the company in 2018, their vision of simplicity left with them. With this year Instagram trends, expect to see a big shift in the platform in the marketing and business aspect. As we hope for new ROI features that will help measure the effectiveness of posts and stories. And more accurate monetary mesures. Instagram is becoming more of an online store experience.

What Are Dark Social Trends

This trend is nothing to be afraid of; it simply refers to the engagement that is not visible to the world of Instagram. In marketing terms, this is the modern day word of mouth. Content saved or shared through direct messages is initiating conversation; and discussions in private messages groups. As well as more than ever conversation generation through replying to stories and the ability to share stories. Do Not Neglect your Stories!!