The Future of the Digital Marketing Industry in 2030

Digital Marketing future

The digital marketing industry is ever-changing due to monumental shifts in technology and consumer desire. what is the future of digital marketing in 2030?


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What Will Remain

This goes without saying but is a point that needs to be acknowledged still. what will drive an evolutionary shift in marketing is first and foremost: The consumer. What do Consumers want?

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Since the beginning this has been a tool that has only been enhanced through time. Engaging with consumer  has become more accessible and more mandatory for companies today. As the marketing industry has changed much over the last 20 Years with the rise of mobile connectivity between consumers and companies, the future will call for something even more grand. New technologies like voice searching, AR and VR will be tools to guide the next disruption of digital marketing.

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Immersion and Content

The rise of the gaming industry and media outlets like YouTube was not unforeseeable. in fact, it was warranted. The release of content to consumers has catalyzed the  digital marketing industry, as the demands for fresh and innovative content are most times the deciding factors in a company’s success or failure.

It is not just the necessity for content, however, that will make or break a company in the future, but the content’s ability to connect with users. Companies will require content that is not only innovative and fresh, but immersive too, as immersion will be the next big disruption of the  digital marketing industry.

Immersion will fuel good CRM as well, with consumer control, interaction, and user friendliness can all be achieved through this outlet.

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Immersion Through What Medium?

Technology: What started it all and what it will come back to in the future. it is no uncertainty that the next decade will promise a huge leap into the ability of what companies can do for their consumers. Companies have made their way into social, online ,and mobile outlets through technology. the most growing technological medium today is the gaming industry, providing plentiful content that can be as interactive and immersive as possible.

The next ten years will see gaming transform into things like AR and VR on a scale that will overshadow what we know today.

And since mobile gaming accounts for 50% of all the global revenue of the gaming industry, it is definitely a train to get on now to pioneer it in the future.

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Given that technology in itself is what keeps consumers and companies connected, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the next steps for what will be possible in the digital marketing industry. With already innovative ideas like the apple watch and smart glasses coming about today, the consumer is enjoying reality that is more augmented and more personal. and since the consumer has tasted it now, the ability to be immersed and in control are what consumers will look for in the years to come.


The digital marketing industry is constantly changing due to consumer desire, new ages of technological advancements and innovators with the ability to succeed. In the next ten years technology will be advanced and accessible enough to consumers and they will be able to enjoy of engagement with companies with immersion and mobile connectivity.

What do you think the future of  the digital marketing industry will look like in 2030?

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