The Best SEO Pacakges To Buy For Your Business

seo pacakges

If you are looking to purchase SEO Pacakges for your business. You’ve already made a great business decision by realizing the potential of how Search Engine Optimization can help your business grow. Web Daytona has over 15 years of experience and already works with some of the USA’s largest brands. “Now you can benefit from the same expertise.”

SEO Pacakges and what SEO can do for you? 

  • Boost visibility on Google, Yahoo & Bing Results
  • Drive targeted trac to Your Website
  • Improve Online Brand Awareness & Visibility
  • Increase Online Revenue
  • Acquire Trac & Revenue From Competitors
  • Measurable Results

“Just 4% of consumers would choose paid search results over natural search results when researching a purchase online.”

SEO Pacakges Fact: “90% of Search Engine users don’t look past the first page of results.”

Getting Started With SEO Pacakges

Google Analytics Set Up

To get started Web Daytona will need to perform an audit on your website and analysis of your current online presence, this will provide you and digital marketing agency with a comprehensive document that they can use as a platform to launch your SEO pacakges eeffectively.

This audit will include the following in-depth analysis and research.

  • Webmaster Set Up | Google, Yahoo & Bing Set up
  • Comprehensive Site Audit | Identify SEO shortfalls and what’s possible on your site (repeated at 7 months)
  • Keyword Research | So the team of experts can identify the most relevant keywords to target for your website
  • Initial Ranking Report | To see where you currently rank on Google, Yahoo & Bing for target key phrases
  • Competitor Analysis | Identifying your competitors and conducting research to rank above them
  • Site Indexing | Research to make sure your site is being indexed properly
  • Link Analysis | To see where your site is currently being linked from
  • SEO Recommendations | Initial Recommendations on how the agency can initially improve your site for SEO pacakges

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Reporting & Support | SEO Pacakges

Monthly Site Performance Reporting – Receive monthly reports on site and SEO performance

Monthly Ranking Reports – Receive Search Engine ranking reports for your target keywords and phrases

Monthly Support – SEO experts are on hand to advise you on all aspects of Search Engine Marketing

Summary of Work completed each month – Your SEO Account Manager will talk you through a presentation of work completed and your SEO performance every month

Recommendations of how you can help your SEO – Learn how you can help improve SEO with monthly advice and tips

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