Target and Walmart Figured Out A Retail Hack

Target Omni channel
Target Omni channel

You might think that Amazon already took over retail and killing everyone in the industry, but you thought wrong. Among those who can still survive and increase their profit are very few; it is due to their smart unique strategies.

among those few are Target and Walmart. Well, you can say they have something amazon lacks and they capitalizing on it; both Target and Walmart are able to keep their in-store traffic.

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For everyone betting against the retail; target is crushing their hopes and dreams with their stock spiking on Wednesday; hitting 19% and breaking a record. Target figured out what consumers want making their shopping experience more valuable, delivering an experiences amazon cannot promise yet.

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Target figuring out the consumer wants in online shopping and delivering the needs through the retail store; what is known as the omni-channel shopping. You can shop online from home and either wait a day or two and get it to your doorstep; or buy it online and pick it up from the store the same day.

Target admits that the increase in earning is due to the new Omni-channel they constantly work on perfecting the system; same-day fulfillment accounting for most of their sales earning and for that quarter only Online sales spiked 34%.

Source: Yahoo finance, Brian Sozzi, “Why Target is shocking everyone and putting Amazon on notice”