Stacey Walthers The New Tariffs​ Can End Modle Trains

Walthers the model train company
Walthers the model train company

If you like train toys you probably know Walthers the model train company located in Milwaukee. According to the President of the company Stacey Walthers Naffah; the new $300 billion tariffs on china is hurting their business

The $300 billion tariffs are not helping her or the American people according to her! The new tariffs will force the company to raise prices considering that Chinna will charge the U.S. business 25% more; for their products as tariff fee consequently it will raise the prices; for the Walthers products in order to make a profit margin.

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“We would receive an additional 25 percent import duty and that we would have to pass along — our margins can’t support that additional cost” -Stacey Walthers in an intrview with fox news

Unfortunately, the new tariffs are not only affecting model trains, alongside various products like shoes, bicycles, microwaves, and phones.

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Trump already exempting few businesses from the tariffs based on the industry they are in; and Stacey Walthers is requesting the same for her business. Considering that they are the Number 1 model train business in the United States; it is a traditional part of the history for the state of Wisconsin. The arrifs can be an end of an era; that can due to prices that may push people away from the business.