Six On-Page Factors for SEO Success

Six On-Page Factors for SEO Success

What are on-page factors?

On-page factors are the six aspects of your website that influence search engine ranking to maximize SEO success! without further and do let’s jump into six on-page factors for SEO success.

Page Title / Doc Title

The first attribute that shows up in search results for your website. This should be unique for every page.

  • Focus on two keywords, 70 characters maximum
  • Example: Weddings, Wedding Flowers – Bella Blooms

Meta Description

This is an actual sentence that describes the top of the page to both search engines and users.

  • Include two keywords, 160 characters maximum
  • Example: Wedding flowers – Find the perfect wedding florist near you. Search ratings and reviews for wedding flowers.

Meta tags/Keywords

Unique keywords that are assigned to each particular page of your website and these words must also be included in the actual page content.

  • Maximum of five words, no spaces
  • Example: Flowers, wedding flowers, wedding florist

H1 Tags

H1 is the largest HTML heading on a specific page, which goes up to H6 tags.

  • Use primary keyword, only once per page
  • Example: <h1>Wedding Bouquets</h1> on the bouquet page of a website

Alt Text

Provides an alternative text for when an image cannot be displayed.

  • Placed on every image, match primary keyword for destination
  • Example: ‘Bella Blooms’ applied to the Bella Blooms company logo on their site.

Tittle Text

Describes the link’s main content.

  • Placed on all text links, match primary keyword for destination
  • Example: When you hover over a Wedding Bouquet links, ‘Wedding Boquet’ will appear

Hopefully, this article about on-page six factors for SEO success helped you out and learned something new about SEO. If you like to check out more and learn more about SEO and how it works check out our article on how to create perfect SEO content. If you’d like to learn from SEO experts check out this Orlando digital marketing agency.



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