Pen Test Partners Reveals What Dating Apps Won’t

dating app breach
dating app breach

If you have an account on the dating app 3fun; then your data is vulnerable and you might be at risk. Data like private photos, personal information, location data, even chat data of all of their 1.5 million users. According to Pen Test Partners 3fun By far has the worst data security.

This is becoming a problem; considering that the majority of dating apps are holding a vast amount of personal information about their users. Like JCrush the Jewish dating app, Donald Daters; the conservative dating app and even Grinder. Where they all have been victims of data breaches of users personal information.

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One of the main reasons 3fun holds responsibility for their app breach; is due to the negligence with where they are storing their data. Rather than keeping their user’s data secured and encrypted on their servers they instead left it on the app itself. Pen Test Partners were able to find the location of every 3fun user; birthdays, sexual orientation and their photos. Regardless of the privacy terms; they previously have chosen. They even found users in the White House and Supreme Court.

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After 3fun were notified about their terrible security and the vulnerability of their users; the spokesman mentioning that the company has been working on resolving the issue; and working on a new update for the app. A few days after the issue and the company will continue to make the app safer.