Local Marketing: The Five Pillars

local Marketing

Do you have a business? and want to start marketing to grow customer base? But you don’t know where to start. Luckily for you today we’re going to discuss the five pillars of local marketing.

Restaurants, Dental Offices, Spas, Real Estate Companies – your marketing challenges are unique and real. Here’s how to make it work. ‘

  • Local Search Optimization

Claim all your listings, including Google My Business and make them consistent. Utilize your blog and network with other businesses to mutually expand awareness.

  • Social Media

Local businesses need to network with others in the area, show behind the scenes glimpses of your staff and culture, and reward people for engaging. Deals and coupons don’t hurt, either! Learn more about Social Media Marketing.

  • Website Optimization

Does your website function beautifully and quickly on mobile? That’s how most viewers will find you! Make it clear in two seconds or less what you do. Make it easy to call you and make sure they can find your address fast. SIX ON-PAGE FACTORS FOR SEO SUCCESS.

  • Email Marketing

Create segmented lists of customers, leads, prospects etc. So you can send personalized, relevant content. Send regularly to create anticipation.

  • Postcard Mailings

Send targeted mailings to the people most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Eye-catching, colorful designs can really stand out amidst a sea of bills!

There you have it five pillars of local marketing, part of the blueprint to grow your business.



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