Jovita Carranza A New Candidate For The SBA

Jovita Carranza
Jovita Carranza new SBA

The Small Business Administration is taking a new candidate, president Donal J. Trump is nominating U.S. treasurer Treasurer Jovita Carranza for the new position.

Surprisingly the former candidate Linda McMahon, also known as the Co-founder of the WWE, entertainment enterprise known as World Wrestling Entertainment where is she planning on stepping down from the position where once confirmed by the U.S. Senate Jovita Carranza will replace her.

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Trump in a Tweet

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President Trump Seems to think she qualifies for the position as he mentions it in a tweet. Prior to her nominations, Jovita Carranza shows commitment and hard work as she manages to work her way up from a box handler for the United Parcel Service or UPS all the way to a president of America and Caribbean operation region; as well as working as a deputy administrator for the Small Business Adminstration from 2006 to 2009.