Jobs Versus​ Robots What Will Happen Who Will Win

robots taking our jobs
robots taking our jobs

It is no longer a futuristic fantasy that robots will be replacing our jobs; the future is now here and many jobs are already taking replacement by robotics and computers. The problem is where do we stand in terms of our jobs and; maintaining the life we have and what kind of economy should we be expecting.

How Should We Deal With This Change in terms of jobs?

As far as we can see we cannot really pinpoint how things will turn out. Would robots take us out; or will they be a beneficial factor that will help us get more free time on our hands. What will happen to human laborer and their wages since they will easily go the cheaper more efficient robots.

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The manufacturing jobs will definitely take a hit; as it already did for many industries, more robot calls and less human interactions when it comes to call centers. When it comes to driving the self driving cars and trucks; are already on the road and UPS is already using them and testing waters in terms of that. When it comes to construction there will be more jobs in that field and in the healthcare field.

The thing is that many people worldwide will have to find new jobs and learn new skills; this will affect billions of people by the time it takes place. For many learning new skills can be very difficult; considering some people can not adapt to change fast enough and they are too old to learn something new.

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What Is Happening As A Result

We can clearly observe that for the past decade production; and output is at optimal levels. But the only thing that seems to be declining is employees wages; people are giving organizations more than they are receiving when it comes to their time value.

As well as the massive outsourcing of American manufacturing. The working class in which is the middle class is shrinking because of this; millions of jobs disappearing for the American people on the price of American employees and labor workers. Which makes sense why President Donald Trump earning the majority of votes when announcing to bring back the factories.

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