Instagram: Visual Storytelling For Your Brand

Visual storytelling for your brand

Visual storytelling for your brand can be difficult. It is not easy to convert people to your business just by showing videos and pictures. Today we’re going to teach you how you can reach more people through visual storytelling for your brand.

Create a strategy

Define specific goals that can be achieved through visual imagery. “What is unique about your brand and how will you share it with the world?” Develop “storylines” or themes for the types of images/videos you will share.

Build up a following

Link your Instagram account to your Facebook profile for increased visibility. Create branded hashtags and use across social media channels. Follow your followers back. Engage with other posts by liking and commenting.  Track engagement with your photos/videos to see what topic and posts work best.

What to post

Only share high-quality images, since Instagram is about visual storytelling. Ensure that your images are compatible with mobile devices.

If you sell products:

Show the products themselves (“window shopping”) and customers using them. Encourage customers to share these types of images with you. Show how to use the products. Show how the products are made to promote quality (factories, production lie, etc.). Create anticipation of new releases and special offers. Host contests to increase engagement.

If you are a service provider:

Show the tools and supplies needed to provide your service. Share pictures of your team, both at work and having fun. Show the impact of your service (before and after shots). A great example: Fitness companies showing before and after pictures of clients. To learn more about digital marketing click here



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