Instagram Digital Marketing Importance Explained For 20​19!

instagram digital marketing
Digital marketing and the importance of having a business account on instagram

In today’s competitive digital marketing world, having an online presence is significantly important; considering that the majority of the rising generation is accustom to finding all their answers online. Think about your social online presence as the virtual version of your physical store, and if your virtual store is not modified to meet your customer needs; your physical store will have no value in the near future. Specifically, if you are not on Instagram you will lose big time. Considering Instagram rapid growth and the majority have made the switch from Facebook; it will be the future of online shopping. And a place where people find the services and products they need, through Influencer marketing.

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Your business on Instagram

If the goal for your business is growth you must use Instagram; not only because it is an amazing way to share your product and services; with the 600 million daily users. But also it has become the first impression for what you have to offer. Quite frankly if you have a great product or a service; but your Instagram game is weak. What you have to offer is going to be weak as well; since it lacks the credibility that is gained by the amounts of followers you have. because people care about that

If you wanna grow your Instagram there are many strategies to do so. Using the organic method, which is the official way Instagram encourage you to do so; to ensure fair play between users by using legitimate digital marketing strategies. Or you can use “automation” in which it is the method Instagram discourage you to use.

Organic Instagram

Growing an Instagram page Organically is extremely difficult especially if you do not already have strong brand awareness. Not to mention that it is very time consuming; it is a full-time job. To be honest with you a very selective few know what is actually going on, on Instagram. The growth methods that actually work, Your top marketing executives who are in their 40’s or 50’s; simply do not spend the time or have the knowledge to properly operate an effective growth campaign. All their efforts are going to waste.


Your other option is automation, in which Instagram discourages you to use, and they can detect whether you are using automation or not if the automation algorithm is not meeting the Instagram guidelines and can lead to a profile ban, hiding your recent posts from your followers, or temporarily disable the account from engaging with followers. As a result, it will lead to the inability to generate traffic for a few days which will mess up the most important step CONSISTENCY

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Although that method is easy, it can be ineffective because it might bring you followers who have no interest in what you have to offer, and many followers who live outside of the country you are operating from. The goal is to generate awareness and traffic, in order for them to make an action that brings revenue. With one Billion followers Instagram is a huge potential market for digital marketing professionals. They are not going to miss this opportunity train. Matter of fact traditional marketing might be out of the doors in the next few years.

Instagram Is Growing and Will Continue To Do So

To promote your page you need to keep up with the tempo of maintaining your page at optimum levels, you need to be consistent with posting and engaging, and always studying what your competition is doing on Instagram and try to replicate their methods in a different scope.

An increase in population results in higher demand for products and services; avoiding the use of Instagram can be very costly. And old marketers mentality of disregarding its importance will eventually pay the price. New strategies should be involving the Business social presence and not focusing efforts on traditional methods.