Instagram Bots And Everything You Need To Know!

Instagram bots
Instagram bots what are they and how to get the most out of them

If you have a smartphone, you probably already have instagram downloaded. After instagram rapid growth in popularity; it seems like it is super difficult to imagine our life without it today. Every celebrity, brand, public figure, influencer, athlete you name it is on instagram.

Instagram is a game of popularity where businesses compete for followers. Seems like Instagram has become a social status symbol; the more followers you have the more popular or famous you are.

According to Statistia, in 2017 about 90% of U.S. businesses use social media for marketing purposes. How do they do it? Welcome to influencer marketing! Today your followers are worth money!! Well if you have enough of them off course.

How can I get more followers? We’ll Instagram Bots are one way to do it.

What Are Instagram Bots

It’s simply a service that allows any instagram user to get more views, followers, likes, and comments your posts. Businesses and successful brands are using these Bots; as well as artists on streaming services are running these bots so they can stream their songs. Businesses use Instagram to promote their business why would they want fake followers ? they can’t sell them or target them, what’s the point? you may ask.

The answer is simple, todays consumers measure a company success by how many followers they have; and how well does the instagram page represents their business.

If your marketing efforts are not dedicated toward social media platforms and your business website; you certainly should expect to be dealing with the consequences, like being out of business soon. Your business social presence is not something you should do, it is a must for survival; and if you’re not on it already, you are behind.

How do Instagram bots work?

Instagram bots are a computer program, and computers never fail in achieving the results they are programed to achieve. Assuming you have bots. Any time you post a picture, the Bots will associate the post with every possible hashtag that relates to it; Especially currently trending and popular hashtags.

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You are simply riding trends, in order for your business to get massive amounts of traffic and engagement at ease. With more likes and comments, your post can get “featuring” and “trending”; and let this compounding domino effect do what it does best.

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How Can I Get The Most Out Of Instagram Bots?

  1. First step is to know who your audience are and what are their interests.
  2. Second step is analyze who your competition is. What tactics and methods are they using. which one of their posts is trending and try to analyze why.
  3. Third step is to choose your posts wisely and study trends a bad post that trends can backfire causing more harm than benefit.
  4. Fourth step is to study which hashtags are in your category; most noteworthy, you want to be targeting people who already have interest in your industry. As well monitoring the hashtags the competition is using.

Why Would I Use Instagram Bots?

  1. If programed and targeted the right way, they can get you massive attention fast.
  2. It will automate your online interactions, making managing your social media account much easier task.
  3. You will gain immediate followers.
  4. When you use Instagram Bots, their programs will ensure that the bots are visiting actual accounts; so your follower will be real not spam.
  5. Skip the headache of liking and commenting on other picture in order to get followers.