Instagram Repost Step By Step Tutorial

Instagram Video Repost
How to repost on Instagram

If social media has one main purpose it would be sharing, after marketing of course. People and businesses post for a purpose and the motive behind it is they want the world to see what they are about or have to offer. Sharing Photos, videos and content have become essential and easy for every social media network. Unfortunately, with Instagram, it is not as easy as a click of a button like Facebook and Twitter.

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If Reposting on Instagram is something that interests you, you might wanna read this article. To Repost on Instagram there are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Use an Instagram repost app.
  2. Take a screenshot and repost it.


Luckily when there a demand for a function that an app doesn’t already have, there is a developer working hard on meeting these demands. So it is no shocker that there are many apps that can essentially serve the same purpose. Simply go to your Appstore or google play and search “Repost for Instagram” and you should see a big list of apps that should let you do that. I personally use Fastsave app.

These apps are usually free and there’s no need to pay for the app unless you really hate to see 30 seconds ads.

1.The First Step.

Once you have a repost app downloaded go ahead and open it, then turn on the Fastsave Service. Then click on the Open Instagram button and go ahead and log in. Once your logged in, a page should direct you to your Instagram, or flick the switch and open the app.

2. The second step.

Once you find a post you like, go ahead and click on the “…” button in the top right corner, this will direct you to a popup menu

3. The Thrid Step

Tap on the “copy link” option.

4. Fourth Step

By exiting out of Instagram and opening the “Fastsave” app, it will automatically download the video and give you “Repost” option.

5. Fifth Step

Once you click “Repost” button it will ask you to choose where you would like to Re-post the content, moving forward select Instagram. This will take you to the section where you can write a caption. Then click “Share” and there you have reposted for the first time.

Re-post Via Screen Shot.

If you do not like to Install a third party app and allow them to have access to your photos and apps, you can just take a screenshot and post it from your gallery. This function is only possible for pictures and will not allow you repost a video.

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Make sure when you repost someone else work, to ask for permission and tag the original creator and give them credit for their work.