How to Make Money: The Startup Way

How to Make Money: The Startup Way

Do you want to make money? and don’t know where to start? Well, luckily for you we’ve put together a basic guide to how to make money: the startup way.

Find a product (or idea) that is popular but not yet perfect. Buy one, and study it in detail. Figure out how to improve it. Make a prototype. Show the prototype to 100 people. Remake it, until people start pre-ordering it, (ex. Kickstarter). Find a co-founder who can build it with you. Split with your co-founder 50% (use vesting). Find a person with a lot of money, an investor. Give him/her 10% of your company. Make the product. Sell your product to one million people. Get more money. List your company on the stock exchange like NASDAQ. Your investor, your co-founder, and you all make money when you sell shares there.

How to Make Money: The Startup Way


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