How Does Facebook Approve An Ad

how does facbook approve an ad

How does Facebook Approve an Ad (Ad Approval Process)


how does facbook approve an ad
How does facebook approve an ad? Before ads show up on Facebook, they’re reviewed to make sure they meet our Advertising Policies. Typically most ads are reviewed within 24 hours, although in some cases it may take longer. Here are three of the most common reasons why ads don’t pass our review.

Too Much Text in an Image

Ads you want to show in News Feed may not include images with text that covers more than 20% of the image’s area. In part, this is because using images with minimal text makes your content engaging and ensures that people only see high-quality content in News Feed. This guideline applies to boosted Page posts, offers, app ads and other ad placements in News Feed.
how does facebook approve an ad

Age-Restricted Material

Some ads on Facebook aren’t approved because they might be trying to show photos or messages to an audience that’s too young. For example, ads for alcohol must also meet certain guidelines which include restrictions on age based on the targeted location’s laws on alcohol ads.
how does facebook approve an ad

Mentioning ‘Facebook’

Sometimes you may need to refer to Facebook in an ad. There are a few rules to remember when you do this.


  • Write “Facebook” with a capital “F”
  • Display the word ‘Facebook’ in the same font size and style as the content surrounding it


  • Use the Facebook logo in place of the word “Facebook”
  • Make Facebook plural, use it as a verb or abbreviate it
  • Use an altered version of the Facebook logo in the image for your ad
how does facebook approve an ad

What Happens Next

After your ad is reviewed, you’ll receive an email letting you know if your ad is approved. If it’s approved, your ad results will start showing in Ads Manager. If your ad isn’t approved, you can always edit it or create a new ad that meets our guidelines.
how does facebook approve an ad


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