Google New Ad Policy For Health Supplements​.

google ad policy
google ad policy

If you already love google you are probably going to love it more; google always been a trustworthy source and a company. I mean the people starting google their goal is just to help people and humanity.

Well, now Google will not be allowing anyone to run ads; especially companies that manufacture and produce unapproved and experimental medical products. Under Google’s new Healthcare and medicines policy; companies cannot advertise products that lack biomedical or scientific research like stem cell and gene therapy

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The whole change is a result of stem cells clinics using online marketing to treat almost any illness or diseases; from Alzheimer’s to back pain. Which at best can be a waste of money and at worst; it can kill people and change the genetic modification of future generations which can be extremely dangerous.

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Aside from the stem cell treatments, the policy includes other items like ephedra; human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and herbal and dietary supplements and weight assistance products that contain pharmaceutical or dangerous ingredients. These policies will vary from country to country.

Clinical trial research advertisement will be excluded from the whole policy; and stating that the digital advertising world; allows people to ask questions and find answers and come up with new ideas. Also Google will always thrive to create a place that is safe and trust worthy.