Why Is My Followers Engagement Decreasing On Instagram? Answered

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Why is my Instagram engagement dropping?

Do you have lots of followers yet your engagement is reaching less than 10% of your followers? recently I stumbled upon this one page that had 2.3 million followers but what I noticed was; the majority of their posts were only reaching 100k-200k followers. Keep in mind that the account I am managing has 228k followers; yet we are reaching more than 800k followers with some posts. As well as being discovered by 3.8 million people in a 3-day span.

So I started to dig deep and try to analyze what they were doing wrong, what I discovered was shocking!!

Instagram’s new algorithm, is very different from what it used to be. If you are still doing what used to work one day; sorry but your efforts are going to waste; if you do not understand and implement what I’m about to tell you!

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As a result of rapid growth in the amounts of Instagram users; content becomes more saturated and Saturation means more competition on which posts are going to be featured. Where Instagram favors accounts who can keep their followers engaged.

Here is a List of what you might be doing wrong:

1. You Have Low Quality Followers

Having a lot of Instagram followers is usually a good thing but in many cases, it’s not. If you have a lot of followers, but they are inactive or fake; which means that they don’t comment, share or like your posts, they are low-quality followers. Whether you bought them or they randomly followed you, inactive or fake followers are messing up your engagement so get rid of them.

Why should I get rid of inactive followers?

Well because the way the Instagram algorithm works! Whenever you make a new post, what Instagram does is show your posts to a small percentage of your followers. If the posts get likes and comments it will show it to more followers; and once it gets more engagement it will appear on the explore page and trend. So if your followers are fake or inactive; initially the new post will not receive engagement and will not be shown to the rest of your followers.

2. You Are Not Using Instagram New Features!

Instagram Drops new features for one reason, it is for people to use it. If you are not using Instagram’s new features to engage with followers; you are already working against the algorithms. For more reach you need to use these feature as much as you can; that includes Instagram stories (people and Instagram show higher response rate to stories it is essential) highlights, stickers, polls, ask a question….

3. Your Account Is Shadow Banned Or You Are Using Restricted Hashtags

Your account could get shadowban for numerous reasons. If you are making posts that contain nudity or anything that contradicts with Instagram guidelines; you will get shadowban. If you are spamming with (likes, follows, DM’s, unfollow, posting, comments, and hashtags) you will get shadowban. Depending on how many followers you have; Instagram only allows a certain amount of actions per hour.

If you exceed this limit the algorithm will mistake your account for using automation and bots; which results in hiding your posts. Same goes for using hashtags that are trending but are irrelevant; for example: (#likeforlike #followforfollow…) hashtags use should be to describe the picture only!!

4. Engage With Your Followers Or Say Bye To Them!

The days of the silent Instagram influencer are now in the past, if you want to grow a community; then you must develop a real relationship with your followers. If someone leaves a detailed comment about your post; you can try to respond with a question people feel good when they talk about themselves. If you get a DM simply respond with an emoji or be polite if you have no interest. It’s not about stacking numbers of unopened DM’s; so u can show off that you’re popular when you show someone something on your account, your not cool! and probably not popular if u have to add them up.

5. You Are Inconsistent With Your Posts

Inconsistency is the rope that is holding many people back from reaching their growth goals; posting once a day is not enough! You need to at least make 3 posts a day, and make sure there is an equal time between each post. Posting 3 posts in a row is spamming. You need to even out the time; make sure there are 2-3 hours between each post. Use the time between to engage with your followers or posting stories that engages with your posts.

If Instagram only shows your post to 10% of the people that follow at first; making 3 posts a day means you will reach 30% of your followers. Make sure you play the odds game right.

Follow these Engaging steps and you should definitely see a difference with engagement and reach.