Orlando Marketing Agencies: What To Expect

Orlando Marketing Agencies
Orlando Marketing Agencies

If you are in the market for a marketing campaign, congratulations. You’ve joined the ranks of roughly 80% of businesses in the modern world.

It’s no surprise marketing forms such a big part of the makeup of any business. As consumers have connected with businesses around the world, competition has become stiffer than ever.

But, like anything else, getting your marketing done right means first understanding what you actually want to be done. And, once you know, going to the right person for the job.

Join us, as we examine Orlando marketing agencies and advertising agencies, and what to expect from going to them.


Marketing agencies are made up of teams, generally, with backgrounds in market research, developing strategies, and product development. They specialize in marketing programs and the implementation thereof.

Advertising agencies, meanwhile, provide teams of media planners and creatives who create and deliver messages to target audiences. These are the people you’ll choose to develop your message into something deliverable.


Employing a marketing specialist means a greater chance you’ll be carrying out strategic and developmental tasks internally when the time comes. Which platforms to use, how and when to deliver your messages, etc.

Advertising agencies, meanwhile, will handle the creation and actual delivery of the campaigns you are implementing. Keep in mind, this still depends heavily on your marketing resources, and without these, any advertising campaign you run may fall flat. This is one example of how an Orlando marketing agency and an ad agency might interact with each other.


During the development stage of a marketing strategy, it’s important to choose a marketing agency if you have marketing tasks. One agency or the other might outsource and assure you it’s fine, but the truth is you want your brand being handled by someone who answers to you. Not someone who answers to two or three levels of people between your company and theirs.

This isn’t to say that all outsourcing is bad: certain jobs may be best handled by an independent freelancer. If your agency is shooting a video for you that requires drone photography, there’s a chance someone on their team has that specific skillset. But there’s a much better chance they have the connections to have a fulltime creative work on that part of the project for much better results.

The point is this: if whole sections of your work have to go out to outsourced offices, your marketing or ad agency is doing something you could have done instead. A few choice tasks, here and there are fine. But always opt for an agency that does the majority of their work in-house.

Orlando Marketing Agencies: The Perfect Go-Between

Of course, not everything has to be black and white. With business skillsets becoming more widely shared across a wide spectrum of brands and agencies, the idea of marketing and advertising agencies is becoming increasingly muddled. To the benefit of the businesses using them, we should add.

When we Google “marketing companies Orlando”, we understand the team we’re looking for could come in any combination of marketers and creatives. Ultimately, what’s important is to identify the areas you need help with. Ask for those services you want and base your decision on the answer you receive.

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