Content Funnel Simplified: Nurturing Target Audiences

Content Funnel

Today we’re going to simplify content funnel and break it down for you. We’re going to be viewing what are the top, middle and the tip of the content funnel.

Top of the Content Funnel

This content is intended to cost a wide net. Because it is registration-free, there is no obligation on the reader.

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Case  Studies
  • Educational Emails
  • Press Releases

Middle of the Funnel

This content is for warmer prospects. It often involves the reader giving an email address I exchange to view the content.

  • Executive Guides
  • Videos
  • Webinars

Tip of the Funnel

This content is for prospects who are further into the BD process. It involves your most substantial content, which is behind a registration.

  • Books
  • Technical Journals
  • Research Reports
  • White Papers

So that was our simplified breakdown of Content Funnels and how they work. Check out more on Inbound Marketing and Content Funnels on Starkfeed.



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