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Caregiver Careers
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When we talk about caregiver careers, it can be easy to think of selfless angels whose entire lives revolve around their work. After all, the word “giver” is right there in the job title.

We assume late shifts won’t be a problem because who could mind a late shift when they love taking care of people? We assume inconsistent assignments won’t bother our CNAs because, well, the more patients, the merrier, right?

It’s a slippery slope and has lead to issues in more than a few workplaces. Agencies often think that, because their caregivers want to help, that takes priority over fulfilling their own needs.

The truth is, whether they want to give their spare time or not, caregivers are employees. And employees need a better excuse to come into work than “Everybody at the office is great!”

Luckily, we’ve got exactly the right place in mind. Join us, today, as we unpack three reasons why Granny Nannies is the kind of workplace where caregiver jobs become caregiver careers.

Continuity of Care

We understand that, as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), your day’s more than a little full as it is. With that said, let’s start with the most important point first.

At Granny Nannies, one of our biggest priorities is maintaining continuity of care for our clients and our caregivers. We focus on this for one simple reason: it benefits everybody involved when assignments are left as undisturbed as possible.

Clients get the stability of seeing the same face, every day, helping to stave off confusion and put them at ease. And caregivers get a stable work environment, something they may actually never have at any other point with another agency.

In the world of caregiving, continuity is king, and you’ll find it with Granny Nannies.

Careful Vetting

An underappreciated factor in any workplace is how much effort your employers go to in order to verify and validate you and your coworkers. After all, once you’ve got the position, isn’t that the last time vetting will really affect you?

Well, not exactly. Careful selection of caregivers is important to clients for obvious reasons, but it affects the CNAs who work with them as well.

Level 2 FBI background checks to verify nurses means a safer working environment. Our multi-panel drug screening process, meanwhile, rules out dangerous outbursts in the workplace. And the fact that each of our nurses is verified through the Florida Department of Health and the Agency for Health Care Administration means more skilled team players to work with.

When you’re working with a partner and your performance is based on your work as a team, vetting means less for each nurse to worry about.

On-Call Supervisor

Finally, our on-call supervisor is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is significant to our caregivers because they are a point of contact for nurses in case of an emergency.

And, because they operate live, our supervisors become familiar with every client and their friends and family. This can prove invaluable in moments of crises, where CNAs may need to respond and have all the relevant information quick-to-hand.

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but this kind of service is what’s lacking in many larger facilities where the on-call system is more likely to be automated. At Granny Nannies, personal service remains a big part of what we do. And the benefits of dealing with a real person apply to both clients and our caregivers.

Granny Nannies: Caregiver Careers, Not Caregiver Jobs

At the end of the day, nobody wants to feel like their own life is taking second place in a race against their job. Even if your job is your passion, it’s important to work somewhere where the work is consistent and there are systems in place to help you.

Granny Nannies is a family-owned home care agency from Daytona, Florida. Our goal is to help clients maintain their way of living, and our staff is a big part of achieving that goal. We pride ourselves on our consistent assignments, qualified staff members, and supervisor assistance.

All of which is designed to make life easier for our CNAs as well as our patients.

Interested in caregiver careers with the Granny Nannies team? Get in touch with us and discover a better way to give, today!

Photo Credit: Granny Nanies Port Orange


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