Buffett has said he wants to make a big acquisition but prices are sky-high

Warren Buffett

As the Berkshire Hathway’s cash-flow keeps growing.

Billionaire Warren Buffett’s insurance has ended the 2nd quarter of the year with a record of $122 billion in cash, according to the annual earnings report.

According to the buffet, he wants to make a huge acquisition but the letter he sent to the investors he said the “prices were very high” and wasn’t really beneficial to the long-term prospects. In his latest interview, buffet said his philosophy when investing is to stick with big and easy decisions.

Due to the lack of spendings buffet is still optimistic about the current economy. During the 2008 economic crisis. billionaire Berkshire heavily invested into Goldman Sachs.

Industrial Insurance company posted the operating earnings that showed the downtrend over the year. In the ending quarter, the company posted the operating earnings report that summed up to $6.1 billion compared to $6.8 billion in the last year, same quarter. The overall net earning was a total of $14 billion.