Apple Card Is It Worth The Hype.

Apple Card
Is the Apple Card worth it

If you got an E-mail from Apple in regards to the new Apple Card; then consider your self a lucky one. A limited number of people applying for the card previously. To try and get an early peek on what it is about; today apple is selecting who gets to get the card.

The New Apple Card

The application will take place in the Apple Wallet app once you have received an invitation through E-mail. The physical card is made out of “titanium laser-etched” material; while you can still use the card once you get an approval immediately through the app. But the physical card will take 2-3 day to ship.

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What Does The Apple Card Offer?

The card itself is powered by MasterCard, and it is specifically for iPhone users. Allowing the users to receive a good cash back incentives on purchases in the apple world; like 2% back on Apple Pay, 3% back for apple store and 1% back for all non-Apple Pay purchases.

The card is not that crazy of a deal; considering that almost every credit card out there will offer you 1.5% back. Unless you really rely on apple pay for your purchases then it might seem like a good deal.

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The key benefit of the Apple Card, is in the mobile app that makes this card stand out. Where the app will help users better track their spending habits; and an easy system that helps you break down the interest you’ll pay based on the variable payment amount.

What Is The Catch?

Now we all know that the average interest rate for a credit card is roughly 19.30%; this also depends on how good your credit score is; but not for apple. The APR (annual percentage rate) or how much interest you will pay on the money you owe per year; is 12.99%-23.99% which will also be based on your credit score.