Alexa And Data Collection Privacy What You Need To Know

Alexa data collection policy
Alexa data collection policy

If you own an Alexa; and you don’t want your data collected by a 3rd party contractors and allowing them to use it against you; now you finally have the choice to do so. Amazon implemented this new policy on Friday due to the criticism against them apple and google voice assistant.

Amazon and many other companies; are out they’re trying to collect our data. It is no shocker that it will be a little complicated; to opt-out of the data collection policy on the Alexa device. Where the users need to follow multiple steps to do so.

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How To Opt Out Of Alexa Data Collection?

  1. Go to the Settings Menu.
  2. Alexa Privacy.
  3. Manage How Your Data Improves Alexa.
  4. Then you should see the message; where i says the recording are there tp help improve the service and an option to turn it ofd.
  5. Turn It Off.

Amazon allows strangers to review and analyze the permissions on Alexa recordings, without your permission. It wasn’t even mentioned in the privacy policy and it has been happening since April. The shocking part is remaining quiet about the new policy; as if they were using it as a backup when shit hits the fan. It did, when one of the Alexa contractors went on; leaking thousand assistant recordings to the Belgian news site last month.

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Im not saying that Amazon, Apple and Google have bad intentions or conspiring against the people. They are working on the development of artificially intelligent software; they need to study the intelligence to do so. Using these devices like Alexa. By collecting data about Us Human intelligence.

Amazon spokesman mentioning in a statement:

Customer service is taken very seriously at amazon, where they always review their practices and procedures. And that they already offer their customers the ability to opt-out; of having their recording used to better develop the device. And they are constantly updating the information in order to be more transparent with the consumers.