Agile Marketing a New Operating System for Marketing

Agile Marketing

CMG works with smart marketers to apply Agile Marketing practices to conquer their most painful challenges and keep their performance moving up and to the right.


How do most marketing teams operate?

Task-Dependent, Waterfall Timelines.

“pace of change so fast, 69% of marketing leaders don’t trust annual plan.”

How Agile marketers operate

Rapid Learning Cycles.

“3000x lift in performance and 30% rise in trials Qtr-on-Qtr. purely due to agile processes.”


Hierarchies, Top-Down Decisions. – “Hierarchy can’t handle speed well.”

Empowered Teams Shared Accountability. – “You can move faster with ideas because you’re not concerned management may not support you.”


Work in Silos – 43% of CMOs say aligning department strategies and priorities keep them up at night.

Cross-Functional Collaboration – “Good marketing can be functional. Great marketing is integrated.”


Risk Averse, Layers of Approvals – 43% of marketers are not encouraged to experiment.

Experimental – “An agile company moves into a cycle of test, learn, iterate and execute much quicker.”


Company Focus and Customer Focus.- High CX index means 4-5 times MORE revenue than low CX score.


Work by Fire Drills – 1/3 marketers see dysfunction and friction over priorities as barriers to success.

Work according to aligned business priorities. – 80% say Agile Marketing led to the enhanced prioritization of things that matter.

In other words, Agile Marketing means…

  • Doing the right work
  • At the right time
  • With the right people
  • To get results that make the most impact
  • And then doing it even better the next time.

in conclusion, this is Agile Marketing. ready to learn more about Agile Marketing? Check out Starkfeeds’ marketing guides. To learn more about Digital Marketing and social media marketing.