$198,563 Toyota Supra Sells Off Lot For $100,000

toyota supra 2020

A marked up Toyota Supra listing from Toyota Kia valued at almost $200,000 far exceeds its MSRP (Manufacturer suggested retail price).

Jalopnik inquired about the drastic change in price one week prior and had been met with no response. A rep from the dealership however had phoned in saying the car was sold already for $100,000.

The rep had not mentioned anything about the reasoning behind the car still having a listing if the automobile had already been purchased, moreover, the rep also did not mention the huge markup for the car, other than stating that the car itself it still up for purchase for its MSRP.

Other Dealerships plateau the new Toyota at a price range between $80k – $100k 2x the markup from the MSRP.

While these prices are no where near as egregious as paying almost 3x’s the MSRP purchasing at the $80k – $100k price range is less of a stretch.