10 Instagram Tips On How To Grow From 0 to 50K

Tips how to grow your instagram
how to grow your instagram follower from 0 to 50k

Why is it important to have large amounts of followers

Today, Instagram is one of the most popular social media tools in the digital marketing world. Having a large follower base is a strong asset that many businesses tend to neglect its importance. These 10 instagram tips should clarify things for you.

Over-engaging, and over posting; Can be very damaging to your Instagram presence and reach. Where Instagram can place penalties on your account in which can slow down your growth process.

While the content that you post on Instagram and the overall look of your profile is very important; which will determine whether Instagram users will chose follow back or not. Maintaining a good profile is about half the battle; knowing when to post, and what to post and how frequently you should do it is the rest. You are probably curios to know what are these 10 tips.

Here’s 10 tips that should help you kickstart you account into Instagrams algorithm

1. Join an engagement groups

Every Instagram account that has over 5k followers, is in an engagement group. What’s an engagement group? It is essentially a direct message group chat; where big Instagram accounts with followers ranging from 5k to 500k and even millions of followers. Come together and help each others grow.

2. Repost Other Users Content

Once you see a post that you like, and fits your niche. It would be a good idea to repost it. Make sure you give credits to the original person who posted it; and it is polite to ask for permission first. This can help you ride a trending post which can bring you a lot of attention.

3. Use Buzzfeed to promote your instagram

Following Buzzfeed guidelines can give you access to thousands of followers.

4. Encourage them to share your content

Getting people to share your content, this tip can bring you massive amount of followers. Having someone repost your content and give you credit is super effective tactic to increase your reach.

5. Be consistent and adopt a certain style

Be consistent with your postings, inconsistency can mess up your Instagram reach. It can annoy your followers leading the algorithm to hide your posts from your followers. Instagram algorithm will prioritize active users feed. Following these 10 instagram tips is important for growth.

6. Everything you heard about hastags is a lie!

Since there is an infinite amount of hashtags, using a certain hashtag that worked for another account; might not work for your case. Trending hashtags start in a specific category, but once all accounts start to ride the hashtag; They contaminate it with irrelevant posts. Which makes it harder to reach targeted accounts, in that category. Create your own hashtags like 5 original ones. Make them related to your page, and use them and rotate them and encourage others to use them.

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7. Post your content on other social network sites and blogs.

This is a super important Instagram tip when you link your Instagram to other social media sites; it can help by giving your account more credibility and reach. Posting your content on blogs will help rank your Instagram on google search engine. This will make it easier to find you; as well as it can bring the traffic from your site to your Instagram.

8.Take Advantage Of The Competition.

Monitoring the competition is another strategy, with a high turnover rate. If your competition is slacking take advantage of that opportunity. For example: If they have posts that has a lot of comments, don’t be afraid to reply to them. This Instagram tip will get you people who have interest in your category to notice you and visit your page.

If your page is good, they will follow your back. You can go an extra step, and visit their page; and like 3 of their posts and leave a comment. Don’t be spammy and over do it; instagram will mistake your account for a Bot and temporally ban you from engaging.

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9. Work with influencers

Many accounts have huge influencing power, if you have a product or a service offer it to them for free for a shoutout. Be sure that the money spent on that will definitely worth it. Don’t send them a DM, accounts with thousands of followers are flooding with Dm’s and engagement groups. Use E-mail.

10. Create contests and provide giveaways!

If your page frequently does giveaways and competitions, be sure that you will get more followers than you can handle. This is the most effective one out of these 10 Instagram tips. Make sure you set strategic steps that will increase your engagement, in order to get the most out of your giveaway. This is by far the most successful method to gain more followers fast.

inally if you follow these 10 Instagram tips and be consistent you’ll be able to achieve the desired results in 6 month.