Why You Should Use Reusable Plastic Boxes for Moving and Storage

Plastic Boxes are the best option for safe and effective moving

Using Carsboard boxes for moving and storage has been an age old custom for new movers and old movers alike. However, the extended use of such disposable boxes has taken its toll as almost 100 million cardboard boxes are wasted each year. Here is how making the switch from cardboard to plastic can not only help you, but help the environment too.


Greater Strength 

Cardboard boxes are usually held by tape  and can often times be too flimsy for heavier objects that need to be moved. In this way Cardboard boxes are obsolete as Plastic boxes hold their shapes more precisely and do not falter when stored with heavy objects.

Also, Heavy boxes that are stored on top of lighter boxes will not be crushed under the weight of those heavier boxes as they would with cardboard boxes. This ensures the same level of safety for all stored items and lessens the amount of organizational preparation needed to begin the big move.

The durability of plastic boxes also greatly outmeasures that of cardboard boxes because plastic can get wet without damage, while cardboard boxes will erode after only a few uses.

Greater Mobility and Versatility

Cardboard boxes are most often times handled with dollies, allowing for multiple boxes to be moved at a single time. plastic boxes are also capable of being handled with dollies, but are also, at times, equipped with their own methods of transportation with wheels that allow for smooth travel from point A to point B.

These plastic boxes come not only equipped with wheels, but in some sets of plastic boxes, come with fasteners or locks that hold the boxes in place when stacked together. this makes storing much safer for your items that might otherwise be tossed around in cardboard boxes.

Greater Cost Efficiency

Plastic boxes for moving and storage will last its user a lifetime, and even more if they aren’t discarded. Generally, plastic boxes are a one-time payment whereas cardboard boxes, due to low durability, are more likely to be purchased again and again. Making the decision to switch or start using plastic boxes is a cost effective choice because the potential uses are even greater than that of cardboard boxes.


Moving can be very difficult, but thanks to the innovation of plastic boxes, which provide extra strength, durability, mobility, and cost efficiency, Moving is made much more organized, safe, and easy.

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