The AR-15 has been the center of attention in the gun debate for years now. And while the animosity from the liberal left to continue the push for the disarmament of the American people grows, so to does the infamy of this firearm. Here is Why more people should be learning how to build 80 percent lower AR-15s.

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What is an AR-15?

One thing we should all realize about the AR-15, and all firearms for that matter is that it is a tool. That means it is meant to be used for a specific purpose. The idea of the 80 lower AR-15 is to personalize that tool to make it the best fit for you. The ability to change, build, and create become yours. 

The modular design of the platform allow you to switch things around to your design. The 80 percent lower, is the thing that helps you get it done quickly and efficiently given the amount of practice you have had. And the great thing about it is that with each new build, you are learning.

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Where do you learn to build an 80 lower AR-15?

Great thing is, you don’t have to be a scientist to know how the systems work inside the AR-15. The groups are carefully broken down and the guides give you in depth knowledge and tips on how to build them properly online. The question should be: where can’t you learn how to build an 80 lower AR-15?

Most AR-15 online stores have guides and love to arm their customers with as much knowledge as a means to defend themselves.

Why should I build an 80 Lower AR-15?

Well, when it comes to buying anything, it’s primarily about what you want. Online AR-15 stores that cater to this ideology are the best to go for, because they are not trying to spew nonsense down your throat. Build an 80 lower AR-15 if you want to truly own everything about your AR-15.