80 Lower

The AR-15 has been the pinnacle of firearms manufacture since the 60s. For well-known brands and DIYers alike, the AR-15 platform has been a blank canvas with its capability to be built however they want. For all of us, it is the freedom we are granted with the rights that we are born with that propel us to push the limits of what we can achieve with a personal made 80 lower AR-15.

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Why are AR-15s Popular?

Unfortunately, due to an ever-growing distaste in firearms in the country, legislation has continued to restrict access to them, infringing on our rights as law-abiding US citizens. As a community, we have gotten the short end of the stick which has pushed us to develop new ways of legally owning firearms, whether for home defense, competition shooting, or because it is your God-given right to. 

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What is an 80 Lower?

The 80 percent lower  has become one of the best ways to legally own an AR-15. The already-modular design of the AR-15 made it possible to sell parts individually, while the lower receiver itself, is not milled in such a way that can hold a fire control group. This effectively renders the piece of aluminum as a  paper weight than a firearm, by the ATFs current regulations on what a firearm is. 

Why buy an 80 Percent Lower?

The 80 percent Lower does not require an FFL dealer or background check in its transfer or purchase. Since it is not a firearm by federal regulations, then it gets to be shipped to your house without any of the hassle you would get from  purchasing with an FFL dealer. It makes shipping faster and the cost is cheaper. 

While household names in the firearms industry are also producing their ARs, (and we certainly do not mean to belittle any of them), the 80 Lower provides a different, easier medium to pass through in order  to obtain an AR-15.

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Why build an 80 Lower?

In many cases you can receive your 80 lower built rifle already assembled. The only thing you will have to do is mill out the section of the 80 lower that houses the safety selector and the fire control group. This can be done in many different ways, most optimally with a jig kit or a CNC machine. Most people opt for the jig kit for its price point. The tools are easy to come by, and the feeling of accomplishment when you have built your next rifle yourself is a feeling you have to experience to understand. 

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One thing to note is that while milling out your lower there is a margin of error. Building an 80 percent lower is definitely a learning experience. There are always helpful tips from builders on the internet which serves as the driving force behind the 80 lower market right now. The community contributes to helping anyone interested in preserving their rights. That is why the 80 lower makes its stance as one of the best ways to legally own a firearm.

Remember: It is not the Constitution that gives you your right to defend yourself, but the Constitution that protects your right to defend yourself.