Why are AR 80 Lowers Becoming More Popular?


Companies have started to sell kits which allow buyers to assemble their own rifles. This method of purchasing rifles has become quite popular for a few reasons like less regulation and more personal customization. Although this method also promotes ease of access and could potentially allow criminals to access these rifles, many experts say that a precise amount of dexterity is required to be able to assemble an AR 80 Lower “Ghost Kit.”

 Having no serial numbers, these assembled AR 80 lower kits are practically invisible to the government. The public has taken to nicknaming them “Ghost Kits” because they cannot be traced. This also means no regulation as in order for these kits to be deemed functional rifles, they must be reviewed by the ATF. Since these are not considered functional, they cannot be regulated under ATF rules and regulations. This makes purchasing these AR 80 Lower kits easier for buyers to gain access to not only these rifles, but to customize each part as well.

Since these Kits are rarely complete, customizing these AR’s is one of the perks of of buying them. It is also recommended that buyers to put a serial number on their rifles as they are then easier to track by the owner. Also, the proper tools are necessary if you plan on assembling an AR 80 Lower kit. Since these kits are unfinished, allowing them to be bought instantly, the assembly and manufacture of the kits must completed with a mill and proper drills. The process can be quite difficult and requires a good amount of study and knowledge to perform.

The argument against these kits is that they are too accessible. The fact that these AR 80 Lower kits have no serial number, they are untraceable by the government. This can perpetuate the fear that rifles people don’t know are there are more dangerous than the ones that are registered. However, the difficult manufacture of these kits prevents most people without the proper tools and effective knowledge to  build these rifles. That means common criminals will not likely be holding one of these custom, personally made rifles, but more experienced and law abiding citizens.